You Can Now Remember Cecil The Lion Exactly As He’d Have Wanted: As A Golden Phone…

By this point you’re probably definitely aware of Cecil The Lion – following the abundance of headlines his untimely death provided at the hands of a morally bankrupt dentist last week.

We can imagine you’ve gone through the full cycle of Cecil related emotions: outrage, disgust, sorrow and maybe even slight disbelief at how much it’s literally taken over the entire world news agenda.

Well, as the old saying probably goes: “If you can’t make money out of a dead lion at the expense of public sorrow, what can you do?”

And thus, no doubt with these wise business-savvy words echoing in their ears, phonecase maker GoldGenie have rolled out a just stunning, 24 carat gold HTC phone case with Cecil majestically carved into the back. Yours for a mere £1,580.

Obviously, GoldGenie aren’t being completely cynical about the whole thing and will be donating 10% of each sale to Zimbabwean conservation charity Friends Of Hwange. Sure, 10% is likely to be an absolute smidgen of the profit that GoldGenie will actually make from these sales but hey: charity ain't free folks.

But they’re not the only ones jumping on the Cecil-wagon.

We also have famed toymakers Ty Inc offering up Cecil Beanie Babies. This could well be the result of a quick social media-savvy renaming of a product they already sell but we won’t judge because in this case 100% of their profits will be going to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of University of Oxford.

Which is pretty honourable. Well done Ty inc. Shame on you GoldGenie.