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You're going to want to buy all of these Star Wars drones

Laser battles at speeds of 40kmph in your own Millennium Falcon

You're going to want to buy all of these Star Wars drones
22 July 2016

Star Wars craft + drones + laser battles = the number one item on every man (and child's) Christmas list. 

Propel, the Houston-based drone toy builder, has lifted the carbonite-frosted lid on The Collection: four battling quadcopters based on iconic vehicles from the Star Wars saga.

Each of the palm-sized craft is able to travel at speeds of 40kmph, hovering on a cushion of air created by four down-turned fans. In addition to attempting to make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs, the drones can 'battle' each other with lasers: shooting an opponent's drone will cause the pilot's controller to shake, with three successful hits culminating in the drone gently circling to the floor. 

The level of detail displayed on each drone is incredible: handpainted, each craft comes in a box that doubles as a display case, playing an audio clip associated with the vehicle once the lid is lifted. While prices are yet to be announced, you can expect them to be far, far away from £100. 

74-Z Speeder Bike

Complete with Scout Trooper! Look at him go!

74-Z Speeder Bike

Each of the drones can perform flips. FLIPS!

Millennium Falcon

You know that dish is going to get snapped off the moment you attempt some close-quarters flying...

Millennium Flacon

By placing the propellers underneath the drone, Propel has been able to do away with a craft filled with holes that are common to other drones.

Millennium Falcon

Just beautiful. 

Millennium Falcon box

For the die-hard collectors, each box will come with a wax seal, proving you've never opened it. 


Complete with little R2-unit.


Never has the label "This is not a toy" been more appropriate. 

TIE Advanced X1

Fly Darth Vader's own TIE Fighter? If you insist. 


While it looks deceptively easy to fly, we bet we're going to stick one of these in a tree within minutes of taking off.