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Your Dropbox app just became incredibly useful

Seriously, stick with us on this

Your Dropbox app just became incredibly useful
23 June 2016

You know the score: your team is due to give a presentation tomorrow, you've left the office and realise you need to send the final document around to everyone. But you've only got the print out.

Problem is, you haven't owned a fax machine or scanner since 2001. 

Rather than making the round trip to the office, Dropbox has come up with a life-saver of an update for its app. 

Part of a raft of new 'productivity skills', the app will now let you 'scan' in documents and images via your smartphone's camera. 

It's a lot more sophisticated than just taking blurred snaps of post-it notes: having opened the 'Scan' tool the app will identify the shape of your document, cropping in directly on the part you'll want to share.

From here, you can then edit and filter the image, before saving it as a PDF. You can even save multiple images into one document before converting it into a single PDF. 

Saves can be made without an internet connection, but you'll be able to send it to any Dropbox account once you're connected and synced. 

You're right - we're getting excited about an app you'll only use for work, but bloody hell is this useful. You can see it in action below and download it here.