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This is how long you'd be able to survive if you were trapped in a supermarket

Completed: zombie survival plan

This is how long you'd be able to survive if you were trapped in a supermarket

Sure, you could head for the hills in the event of a zombie apocalypse and go full Bear Grylls. Or, you could head for Tesco.

According to astrobiology scientist Dr Lewis Dartnell, your average Tesco, Sainsbury's or ASDA could keep one person fed and watered with non-perishables for 55 years.

The usual zombie advise applies, in that it's best to get out of the cities and lock yourself in rural supermarkets. Your Tesco Metro wouldn't quite cut it.

As for what you grab on your way to the car, turns out only 36 percent of us keep a grab-bag of essential items in case of a disaster (we're betting most of them are expectant parents).

And top of the list for essentials is food - 61 percent of us would grab sustenance first. Medical supplies follow (53 percent) and mobile phones (47 percent) while only 22 percent of us realise the importance of matches or a bottle for water (10 percent).

So, you'd be faced with the moral dilemma of inviting anyone else in with you, depending how long you think you'd need to survive for and how much you value your years. But otherwise a supermarket would set you up quite well with food, water, cooking appliances, matches, weapons, medical supplies, and the chance to release years of irritation upon the self-checkout counters to kill time.

Sounds like a pretty solid plan to us.