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You can play Champ Man 93/94 in your browser & now your life is over

It's time to lead your team to glory once again

You can play Champ Man 93/94 in your browser & now your life is over

This is the best news ever, and also the worst.

You can now play the legendary Amiga and Atari ST game Championship Manager 93/94 on in your browser.

Yes, the first version of the game that ended marriages to feature real players - the rubicon which many of us crossed, and never returned from. Approach with severe caution, as you may not get your life back for a long while.

The game, created by the Collyer Brothers and published by Domark, followed on from the original release, which featured nothing but computer-generated players; with the dawn of 1993, finally you could see who would win the shootout between Ian Wright and Ian Rush. It was the first 'classic' version in the series and sucked in a generation of football fans who became obsessed with leading their team to glory.

Nowadays, of course, it's morphed into the hugely successful Football Manager series, but to travel back to a simpler time, before training regimes, false nines and press conferences (other than the ones you conducted in your head in between matches) is hugely pleasureable.

The upload has been live for a while, but this is the first time we've been aware of it, so we thought we'd share it with the wider world - we're generous like that.

Just look below to begin your descent into the world of late nights, donning suits for cup finals, tactical debates and impossibly hard European games against teams with no player names: don't say we didn't warn you.

  • To access full screen capability, simply click this link and click on the expansion icon
  • Click on the game to access the in-game mouse and get going
  • Enter the score 3-1 on the security screen to access the game
  • It will save your game for you to return to, even if you move away from the page and even if you restart your computer
  • Be patient while it is loading the 'computer intelligence' section of the new season - it takes ages but it does get there

And if you can't play right now - take a gander at a few select screenshots below to whet your appetite...

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