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You can now vote for the FIFA 17 cover star

"Another FIFA game? Really?" said no one ever.

You can now vote for the FIFA 17 cover star
06 July 2016

"Another FIFA game? Really?" said no one ever.

It's that time of year again when last year's greatest-ever-football game starts to feel a bit of a niggle in the hammy, throws the bench a worried look and starts circling its fingers in a bid to get an early bath. FIFA 17 is mere months away, and thanks to a meaty new graphics engine, some new ball physics and a slicker set piece system it's shaping up to be - you guessed it - the greatest football game ever. Again.

But that's not why you're here. You're here to find out which international star is set to arrive on the cover of the game, inevitably resulting in them having an altogether forgettable season. EA has now opened the vote for the cover star, and these are your options. Let's hope none of them get sold in a last minute transfer saga, eh?

James Rodriguez

Team: Real Madrid

Position: Central attacking midfielder

Nationality: Colombian

Verdict: We don't really like Real Madrid. Sorry James, but your club just wins everything. Time to let someone else have a go, yeah? Yes, you score really good goals but... it's not personal. You're only 24. Give it a year, move to Man City and we'll think about it.

Marco Reus

Team: Boussia Dortmund

Position: Left Wing

Nationality: German

Verdict: We feel sorry for Reus. Having missed out on the German Euro 2016 squad with injury, there's a very good chance he'll miss out on his first piece of international silverware just by virtue of being broken at the wrong time of the year. A FIFA 17 cover wouldn't be much of a consolation, but it's a start. 

Anthony Martial

Team: Manchester United

Position: Striker

Nationality: French

Verdict: Interesting. On the one hand, he could be key to José Mourinho's new-look United, covering back-pages with yet another classy finish as the 'Different One' guides them back to the top four. On the other, he's not going to be appearing in the Champions League this year, and that's where the best players in the world end up, isn't it? Give him a year. 

Eden Hazard

Club: Chelsea

Position: Midfielder

Nationality: Belgian 

Verdict: Hazard? Eden "Had the worst season of his career last year" Hazard? Hazard on the cover of FIFA 17 because he could still be really good, when he's not throwing a season away? Not a chance.