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You can now play Pac-Man and Space Invaders on Facebook

Goodbye, productivity.

You can now play Pac-Man and Space Invaders on Facebook

Earlier this year, we collectively lost our minds when we realised there was a hidden basketball game in Facebook messenger

Not one to let a good thing lie (for which we are thankful), the tech overlords are rolling out a new feature on Facebook messenger - one where you can play Pac-Man and Space Invaders. 

It's called Instant Games and you'll find the tab below your typing bar in messenger. Choose which nostalgia inducing game you want to play and your opponents –  you can play against one or a number of your mates. Don't worry, your score will only be visible to your group. But crucially, there will still be league tables to keep track of who is on top of their game and entitle bragging rights. 

Facebook's aim is to allow more people to play games without having to download separate apps. Read: totally destroy productivity through a social media empire none of us will ever escape. 

In an effort to make the app more of a platform (so you'll never leave), Zuckerberg has included 17 games, with less 80s options like EverWing and Words With Friends. 

They'll also be making an appearance on your news feed. 

You'll need iOS 8 or android 5.0 and an update to get in on the fun/reignite addiction. 

We'll see you in the maze.