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You can now get an Uber helicopter

Move aside Uber XL

You can now get an Uber helicopter

Some view Dubai as a playground paradise for the ultimate luxury holiday destination. Others see it as a monument to everything that is wrong with a materialistic and wasteful society.

So we guess the advent of the UberChopper is probably halfway between the two.

People in Dubai who fancied popping over the 130km to Abu Dhabi to watch the Formula One Grand Prix this weekend were able to take a rider in an UberCHOPPER.

For the princely sum of AED2,250 (£408), customers were given a door-to-door Uber service from their pickup location to a helipad, before taking their seat in an Agusta 109E Power helicopter.

Uber said that the promotion would offer "luxury, convenience and sky-high style all at the tap of a button".

Well, it beats the bus, we guess.


When a Uber XL just won't do it!! #LikeABoss #Uber #UberChopper #Dubai #AbuDhabi #UAE

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