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You can now buy the revamped Nokia 3310 in the UK

The retro phone you know and love is back (kind of)

You can now buy the revamped Nokia 3310 in the UK
24 May 2017

The news that Nokia would be bringing back its iconic, near-indestructible 3310 (aka The Brick) was met with cries of nostalgia-fuelled joy.

“YES,” said everyone on the internet, immediately losing interest in their web surfing, slow-mo video-capturing, Spanish-teaching, EastEnders-watching and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas-playing smartphones upon remembering Snake and ringtones. The slightly more muted reaction was “could be decent for festivals, that”.

The reimagined handset was announced officially at an event earlier this year, where we learned that it had gained a 2.4-inch colour screen, a basic camera, and was both slimmer and lighter than the phone that inspired it. Oh, and they’ve really messed with Snake.


You mean to tell us the snake can move diagonally now? What is this madness?

The new Nokia 3310 launches today in the UK, and you can pick one up (if you’re lucky, because demand is predictably ridiculous already) for £49.99 from either Carphone Warehouse or Vodafone. Or both, if you’re just weird. Colour-wise, you can choose from red, yellow, blue and grey. All of them are pretty easy on the eye. 

As well as the aforementioned features, it packs in a bare-bones internet browser, Bluetooth 3.0, an FM radio, LED torch and even microSD card support. But most people will be lured in by the battery life. The original 3310 was renowned for never running out of juice, and its modern successor isn’t letting the side down in that department. HMD, who are responsible for making new Nokia phones, claims the new 3310 will last you 31 days on standby with 22 hours of talk time. That’ll do very nicely for Glastonbury.

(Image: Nokia)