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You can now buy 'Firework Oreos', and also win $500k by creating a new flavour

They contain a not-so-secret ingredient

You can now buy 'Firework Oreos', and also win $500k by creating a new flavour
10 May 2017

Are Oreos the Marmite of the cookie world? Not as in, they taste of Marmite, but because they seem to split people down the middle? I don’t know, but I’m firmly in the ‘like’ camp, and will happily eat the living psyche out of one – it’s crunchy, creamy goodness.

Oreos are also known for their interesting and limited edition flavours. We’ve had: Coconut Delight, Strawberry Milkshake, Green Tea, Cool Mint Creme, Peanut Butter, Banana Split Creme, Neapolitan, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Root Beer Float, Swedish Fish and so many more.

But before I introduce you to the newest flavour, I’ve got a fun fact for you. Did you know that Oreo cookies were a giant rip-off? They were created to copy the already existing Hydrox cookie. This one:

They’re exactly the same! Not sure how they got away with it, but Oreos became the more popular brand, completely eclipsed Hydrox and buried them into historical obscurity – what a jip.

Anyway, back to business – next up is the Firework Oreo, and you get no points for guessing what’s in it. Yep, popping candy, obviously. Put popping candy in something and the punters will come a running, yes siree. Aside from that, it’s business as usual – it’s a normal Oreo but it makes a funny sound when you put it in your mouth. Sign me up, basically.

But that’s not all your Oreo-related news for today – the company are also crowd-sourcing their next kkerraazzzyy flavour. It’s offering $500,000 for the person who can come up with the best idea for a new Oreo creation, which will also go into production.

All ya gotsa do is submit your ideas on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #MyOreoCreation #Contest and you could be in the money, big time. Suggestions so far include Creme Egg, Peaches and Cream, Cannoli and (of course) Sriracha Sauce.

Weirdly, nobody has suggested the way that I like to eat my Oreo cookies, yet. You slide the two pieces of cookie off one another, scrape the creme onto a plate, then place both the cookie discs either side of a lasagne and throw it against the kitchen wall. Then you’ve gotta lick it all off before it slides down to the floor.

I call it the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo’ – really knocks people off course when you ask if they want one.