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Yorkshire pudding pizza is now a thing, and it looks reet proper

Eeh by gum!

Yorkshire pudding pizza is now a thing, and it looks reet proper

The 2010s are the decade of the food hybrid.

Ice cream sandwiches. Donut burgers. Taco shells made out of fried chicken. It’s all broadly a combination of carbs and sugars, so we need to stop complaining about the format it takes.

That’s right, just eat your pulled pork sundae and move on with your life.

Is there a tipping point? Possibly, but we haven’t reached it yet. Not even with the Yorkshire pudding pizza. Yes, of course it’s a thing, because we need to cram as much ridiculousness into our lives as possible before the inevitable nuclear war.

The dish is the product of Rub Smokehouse and Bar in Beverly, East Yorkshire, and the restaurant has its fair share of other delicious bastardisations that I guess still technically count as food.

Other menu items include lasagne burritos, pulled pork stuffed garlic bread, a burger served between two Belgian waffles, and a cheeseburger calzone.

However the Yorkshire pudding pizza, which it describes as “a controversial fusion of a giant Yorkshire pudding and a Chicago pot pie pizza”, will become the main event when it lands on the menu in the near future.

That’s cheese, tomatoes, ground Italian sausage and optional mushrooms, all served within a giant Yorkshire pudding.

It will be added to the menu from 8 September (tomorrow), and will cost £15.95. It follows other OTT creations such as the ‘pizza in a burger in a pizza’. Obviously.

“It tastes great. It is so right, but so wrong. It plays tricks on your mind,” restaurant co-owner Sean Singer is quoted as saying by Metro.

Singer admits to being inspired in part by the frozen Chicago Town pizzas he had as a kid, but this takes it to the next level and way beyond.

(Main image: Instagram/rubyourselfie / Pinterest)