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The Xbox One S laptop is now a thing

But it'll cost you over £1,000

The Xbox One S laptop is now a thing

The Xbox One S has only just toddled into the gaming arena, and someone's already given it a thorough reworking. 

It's just brilliant

Veteran console modifier Eddie Zarick has torn apart Microsoft's new slim-line, 4K console, to create the XBook One S: the entire console, power system, ports'n'all, with its own 19-inch HD screen. 

We want it...

Two speakers adorn the front of the XBook, while an additional switch allows you to choose between using the XBook's own screen, or a video output should you wish to plug it into a larger telly. Plug in the power supply, turn on the screen and you're good to game.'ll cost you though

It doesn't come cheap: Zarick will build an XBook One S for you for $1,495 (£1,152 plus postage) for a 500GB hard drive version, while a 1TB hard drive will set you back $1,545 (£1,190). That's around £900 more than the current cheapest Xbox One offer - but just look at it. 

(Images: Eddie Zarick)