Here's why bookies think a world leader will confirm that aliens exist


If anyone knows what they know that we don't know, it's William Hill. The bookies has recently slashed the odds of a world leader announcing that aliens are visiting earth from 1000/1 to just 25/1. 

The decision came after World Disclosure Day (8 July), a day set aside for conspiracy theorists to urge world leaders to tell the truth about aliens. Needless to say, it didn't work.

But this drive, coupled with the fact that Hillary Clinton has promised to "get to the bottom" of "unexplained aerial phenomena" if she is elected in November, mean the odds on finding out the truth have plummeted. 

"There has definitely been a decent number of bets in recent weeks but with the election around the corner we expect loads more," said a William Hill spokesman, then explaining that the maximum bet allowed is now just £50.

"Over the years we have had many bets for aliens but this is the first time that we have been worried. If we are truly going to find out then this year’s American election looks like the catalyst." 

Classic 2016 behaviour, this. 2016 up to its old tricks again. If anyone's got a spare £1 and some probe-resistant armour, chuck 'em our way.