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Woman leads police in high-speed chase in Mystery Machine van

100mph chase in California

Woman leads police in high-speed chase in Mystery Machine van


A woman led police on a high speed chase on Sunday in a mini van painted like the classic Mystery Machine van from Scooby Doo.

51-year-old Sharon Kay Turman was wanted for a probation violation, with her officer contacting Redding Police Department in California to help find her.


When officers located Turman and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, she raced off in the 1994 Chrysler minivan, speeding through several streets before heading on to Highway 273. At one intersection, she drove through a red light, hitting four other vehicles.

The chase continued through the city of Anderson with speeds hitting over 100mph. Eventually a police helicopter located her, whereupon she abandoned the vehicle and - unlike the vast majority of criminals who encountered Scooby and his pals - somehow managed to escape. 

Her current whereabouts are unknown, but people should probably look out for someone wearing an ill-fitting mask and acting suspiciously whilst also appearing to aid the investigation.

(Images: Redding Police Department/KCRC TV)