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Woman burns down house after being defriended

Possible overreaction

Woman burns down house after being defriended
03 November 2011

It's not a feeling that anyone likes. Logging onto Facebook and noticing that your number of friends has fallen by a single digit.

You're then launched on a voyage of self-doubt. What did I do to deserve this? Was it that third picture of a cat wearing a poncho you posted within a week or perhaps that slightly dull status update about your problematic bowel movements?

Either way, it sucks. But what are you going to do about it? If your name is Jennifer Christine Harris and you live in Iowa then you'll react by burning the house down of the person in question.

When you get to the specifics, the story starts to resemble something you might overhear on the bus, while grimacing and lambasting your lack of car. To summarise, Jennifer and Nikki Rasmussen fell out over a Facebook event that wasn't getting many attendees. Then Nikki defriended her and a tense procession of text messages began.

Next thing Nikki and her husband knew, they were woken up by the smell of their house being burned down.

Jennifer has now been charged with first-degree arson and will probably be receiving plenty more defriends in the coming weeks. Hide the matches.

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