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This would be... weird really, really wants to be in 'Corrie'
10 April 2017 is a man of many talents, many contradictions. Co-writer of the seminal ‘My Humps’. A man who wears sunglasses indoors literally all the time even when it’s definitely not necessary, and who also refused to take his headphones off when Eamonn Holmes asked him to on This Morning. A man who, when asked what kind of artist he’d be, said he’d exclusively paint “nipples and Bibles”. A visionary.

And now: star of Coronation Street?

Yes, you heard us: wants to be in Corrie, apparently.

“It would be so cool if they would write a role for me on Coronation Street,” he told the Daily Star.


“It’s such a great show. I could have a relationship with somebody on there… that would be real cool. I wouldn’t play a gentleman though. I’d want to be a comedy character. I’d be comedic. I’d want to be like Norris.

“Everybody on Corrie is so cool.”

It might sound ridiculous, but it’s not like it’s completely out of the question – Will has already visited the set of the show several times.

He first visited with fellow judges from ITV competition The Voice earlier this year, where he apparently “became friends” with Liz McDonald actress Beverley Callard.

He later filmed a video for his song ‘Fiyah’ in the famous Rovers Return – so we might see our favourite headphone-wearing pop star gracing the cobbles of Weatherfield yet.