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Why is no one watching Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube channel?

Why is no one watching Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube channel?

Why is no one watching Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube channel?
18 August 2016

It is hard to make a name for yourself in the YouTube world but you would imagine it would be easy enough to gain subscribers when you are an Oscar-winning actor.

And yet, whether it's staring into your soul via webcam while talking about how buying bottled water can help fund his Just Keep Livin charity, or promoting his latest movie Sing, is so far tragically overlooked.

With just over 12,500 views since it was started in April 2013, as of this morning (and this is likely to change) he had 243 subscribers.


Alright, alright, alright – he is doing it for a good cause by promoting his charity for inner city schools but a simple Tweet to his 2.18m followers will at least up the numbers by a few. 

Our hero went so far as to get the account verified by YouTube so these are his genuine videos even if they were copied directly from his WhoSay account.

There are six videos on the channel, four vlogs about his charity work and two trailers for his new animated film Sing, which is out in December. This is one of the coolest men in the world and dagnabbit (a word the Texan himself would probably say) he and his charities deserve our attention.

So, in fairness to you Matthew, here are a few tips on how to up his view count:

  • Horizontal filming so you look less of a serial killer with the black outlines
  • Ditch the vest
  • Thumping your chest and chanting some tribal-sounding song
  • Starting every sentence off with 'Alright, alright, alright'
  • Telling the world True Detective season two was a bit rubbish
  • Tweeting out to your millions of followers
  • Delete it, pretend it never happened, go again