Well, this is the most minimalist hotel you'll ever see


It's a bed. It's a bed on top of a Swiss mountain. And it's a hotel.

Almost 3,000 guests have already paid £15 a night to stay in the hotel bed in the world's first zero-star hotel. Which, honestly, we get. On account of the no-walls thing.

The "room" is actually the project of two concept artists, Frank and Patrik Riklin. The twins enjoy parodying the luxury hotel industry, and used this hotel bed art to make "a statement of the antithesis of the megalomania of this time." Yes. That's a thing.

The bed is part of a wider concept called Null Stern, i.e. zero star, where "the only star is you". 

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“The zero means freedom from the absurdity of the star system and questions the idea of luxury,” says Patrik, 43. “It’s a new space and you can decide the value.” 

As if that wasn't enough, local farmers don bow ties and white gloves and take it in turns to be butlers, providing a breakfast of local produce. 

If you are into this sort of stuff and have decided against getting your brain examined by a medical professional, then you can enquire about booking into next year's season (this one's already full). Or just buy a tent.