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Welcome to Eklectik!

Say välkommen to the newest launch from ShortList and Stylist in celebration of everything Swedish.

Welcome to Eklectik!

From the makers of ShortList & Stylist and inspired by Kopparberg we have launched a brand new magazine and website that embraces the very best of Swedish culture from the great outdoors and festival coverage to travel features and fashion.

Eklectik editor Jimi Famurewa sums up what it’s all about:

“Like most people in this country, I’ve always had a complex relationship with the outdoors, shuttling between brolly clutching pessimism and the sort of spring day over exuberance that leads to soggy espadrilles. But if you listen, in the distance, the thwacking flip flops of change can be heard. And it’s not just the time-honoured, annual urge to gather in a muddy field with other like-minded individuals."

If you listen, in the distance, the thwacking flip flops of change can be heard.

"Whether it’s boutique festivals, outdoor bars, street food parties or treehouse getaways, there’s a move away from the dry ice-clouded fug of traditional nightlife to something that’s freer, cooler and possibly adept at whittling.

Within the magazine and the website you’ll find bold woodland fashion, a bespoke festival planner, new campsite tunes, a trip (via canoe) to find the secret of Swedish happiness in the town of Kopparberg and an obscenely cool photo of Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw.''

What's more, Eklectikis giving you the chance to win amazing prizes every week! Click here to find out more.