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Wednesday Season 2 new cast revealed - including an Addams Family favorite

Christopher Lloyd? Joanna Lumley? Steve Buscemi? And more...

Wednesday Season 2 new cast revealed - including an Addams Family favorite

Cast members for Wednesday season 2 have been revealed, alongside faves from the first season who will get more prominent roles in the next.

As part of a cast reveal trailer, we got to see a whole host of names headed to the show, aside from series lead Jenny Ortega. Here the full list from that teaser, which sees Thing fling out scripts to the stars’ dressing room doors — although no shots of the stars themselves:

  • Joy Sunday as Bianca
  • Joanna Lumley as Grandma
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia
  • Emma Myers as Enid
  • Steve Buscemi as Barry Dort
  • Billie Piper as Capri
  • Thandie Newton as Dr. Fairburn

Other stars seen in the credits roll from the end of the teaser include Hunter Doohan, Victor Dorobantu, Moosa Mostafa, Luyana Unati Lewis-Nyawo, Georgie Farmer, Isaac Ordonez, Evie Templeton, Owen Painter and Noah Taylor. And, of course, Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams.

There are a few other unmissable names in the guest stars list too. The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment is in there, alongside comedian Fred Armisen (Uncle Fester from season one) and all-round acting legend Christopher Lloyd, who played Uncle Fester in the 1990s movies.

It’s no surprise Wednesday season 2 has been able to attract such a cast, when Netflix lists it as the most popular English language TV show the streamer has had to date. It brought in the equivalent of 252.1 million full watches of the show’s eight episodes in its first 91 days on stream back in 2022.

The second season is expected to have a renewed focus on the Addams family. In the first season Morticia and Gomez Addams only appeared in a couple of episodes, as the action was set around Wednesday’s school, Nevermore Academy, rather than her home life.

Where the first season was shot in Romania, the second is currently in production in Ireland. Filming is taking place at Ardmore Studio in Wicklow, but the team was reportedly scouting around for live shooting locations late in 2023.

Wednesday season 2 is expected to hit our screens in 2025, but we don’t have an exact release date just yet.