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These are all the poor sods who have weddings and other stuff booked during Saturday's England game

Spare a thought - and then laugh at them

These are all the poor sods who have weddings and other stuff booked during Saturday's England game
04 July 2018

No-one is safe anymore. It’s sweeping the nation and there’s no known cure. I’m, of course, talking about the extremely powerful outbreak World Cup fever.

England’s penalty shoot-out triumph last night now means we’ll move on to face Sweden in the quarter-finals in Samara at 3pm on Saturday. It’s going to be a tough game but if we have faith then our lord and saviour Gareth Southgate might just lead us one step closer to that prize.

But spare a thought for all those poor souls who planned events weeks, months and even years ago at the exact same time as the World Cup match.

Comedian Rob Beckett wrote on Twitter: “The poor couples that are going to attempt to get married on Saturday. 3pm kick off. England World Cup quarter final. Brutal. They’ve got to put it on the telly in the drinks reception or everyone will be furious.”

And, indeed, plenty o’ people have been sharing their quandaries at clashing weddings during the game.

Writer Joe Abercrombie said: “Old friend of mine is getting married on Saturday. To a Swede. During the England Sweden game. What are the odds?”

Another Twitter user said: “Got a wedding on Saturday at 2pm. Might go full England.”

And Luke Shaw added: “It’s my uncles wedding on Saturday. There’s more chance of him getting remarried than us get through to another World Cup quarter final, so I’ll be there for his next wedding.”

This is a total shocker:

No one would blame you David.

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Meanwhile, a question: should you miss your own son’s first birthday?


Meanwhile, spare a thought for (and also laugh at) this poor soul:

Others pointed out that the game coincides with the massive Pride parade in central London:

Student Georgie Harris is even considering missing her own graduation to watch the game:

And Nick Redman revealed how his wife is going into surgery during the match:

At least one person had a lucky escape:

And some people are at least doing The Right Thing:

Wherever you are this Saturday, chances are you’ll find a screen somewhere. The whole nation is watching, lads. Don’t let us down. 

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