Watching Lady Gaga brush past DiCaprio at the Golden Globes is hilariously hypnotic


"And the award for 'Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film' goes to..."

The stars of the Golden Globes audience held their collective breath. Surely the award was bound for the welcoming grasp of Kirsten Dunst for her stellar portrayal of Peggy Blomquist in Fargo? It was a performance too good to ignore, and besides, they couldn't give it to...

"...Lady Gaga, for her portrayal of Elizabeth Johnson in American Horror Story!"

Queue the sideways glances, barely-concealed smirks and the greatest Leonardo DiCaprio facial expression we've ever seen.

Just watch that loop as Leo, fresh from picking up his own Golden Globe for his role in The Revenant is oddly thrown into hysterics just before accidentally tripping Gaga.

Yes, it's entirely possible that he wasn't laughing at Gaga picking up an acting award and it was just a badly timed reaction to something else but it's still hilarious. 

Either way, we've been watching this toe-curling moment more than is good for us: Leo's apologetic smirk for getting in someone's way, turning to guilty realisation as to who it was with the raise of an embarrassed brow. 

Give that man another award. 

[Via: The Independent]