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You can now watch the worst movie of all time on YouTube for free

That's tonight sorted then

You can now watch the worst movie of all time on YouTube for free
24 September 2018

The Room is very bad. Normally, when a film is very bad it means that you shouldn’t watch it. However, sometimes a bad film can reach such a transcendent level of bad that it becomes good, meaning you absolutely should watch it - The Room is one of those films. 

It is fantastically bad, rewatchably bad, famously bad - it’s had a book written about it and even a Hollywood adaptation in The Disaster Artist. This is bad on another scale, and it is wondrous.

Ludicrous acting, nonsensical and pointless scenes, horrendous sex, needless and repetitive American Football ball-throwing, guns for some reason, eye-rolling twists galore, ear-numbing music and Tommy Wiseau, the world’s most intriguing enigma - this is true movie-magic, and you need to witness it.

Anyway, much like most movies, unless you were willing to break the law like a CRIMINAL, then to watch it, you’d have to pay for the privilege (and it is a privilege). But not anymore! Nope, you can simply get yourself on over to YouTube and watch it for free! Officially! You will not go to jail!

Here it is, in glorious HD, courtesy of writer, director and star Tommy Wiseau’s own channel:

But why now? Well, it’s all to promote Wiseau and his Room co-star, Greg Sestero’s new film, Best F(r)iends (read our in-depth analysis of the trailer here), a promotion that also included a link to his PayPal account - a move extremely brazen in nature, and one that I respect highly. 

If you fancy checking that one out (watch The Room first though), then the best cinema in London - The Prince Charles - will be showing both volumes in Feb. Book tickets here, you maniac.

But until then, you have two things to do:

1) Watch The Room either for the first time or again

2) Read our list of other terrible movies that fans of The Room must see


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