WATCH: Takeaway owner ignores armed robber, serves a kebab instead


Remember when your little nephew Windsor (why did your sister have to call him Windsor?) posted a grainy picture of Alex from Love Island and captioned it "#goals"? And you didn't, and don't, even know what hashtag goals is supposed to mean?

Well you're about to. Hashtag goals is when a takeaway owner in New Zealand is confronted by an armed robber, takes a look at him, smiles, and continues to serve a customer a large chicken souvlaki. Hashtag goals is when the robber, so baffled by being ignored, has to slink slowly away. Hashtag goals is, and always will be, Mr Said Ahmed. 

“The man wanted to frighten me and I decided he couldn’t do that,” Ahmed told the Guardian.

“I passed the customer his food because I wanted him to leave the shop and not be in any danger.”

Footage of the incident was posted by local police after the attempted robbery on Saturday night. Ahmed admits he was scared, but because he'd witnessed years of violence in Egypt before emigrating to New Zealand, he felt naturally calm.

 “I turned my back on the robber and walked to the kitchen to call the police. I told myself, ‘If he shoots me at least my body will be further away, and the gun shot won’t be as serious as shooting me at close range in my heart or my head.’

“The robber was very confused by my behaviour. He wanted to scare me but I wasn’t scared, so I took away his power,” he said.

Shotgun the movie rights.