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WATCH: Smart bed makes itself in under one minute

Regain minutes of your life. Minutes!

WATCH: Smart bed makes itself in under one minute

The future is going to be amazing. We're going to be driven around in self-driving electric cars en route to hoverboard lessons, watching the latest VR adverts for space holidays while robots get on with all the 9-5 jobs we used to waste our time with.

You won't even need to make your own bed, as the O'hea smartbed promises to do the tedious task of 'straightening out' your bedding in 50 seconds at the press of a button. Just look at it go...

Great, right? 

The only problem is, the O'hea smartbed is actually from the past. Originally shown off in 2012 as the solution to the "tiresome, even painful task" of making a bed, the website of the Spanish company hasn't actually got any links for buying their life-changing gadget. Their testimony page is saddeningly devoid of praise. Four years on, and we're still stuck with our dumb old regular bed.

We can only imagine the O'hea creators have spent that extra time they've got back from all that bed making their no longer doing working on a gadget even more life-changing. Like dentures that brush themselves. Or glasses that blink for you.

Actually, can we patent those?