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The John Lewis Christmas advert is finally here

And for once it won't make you cry

The John Lewis Christmas advert is finally here

With yesterday’s nightmarish news, we’re glad to say we have a bit of joy in the form of John Lewis’s new Christmas ad. Yaaaaay, festive advertisements!

This year’s effort by the high street brand is thankfully not a tearjerker, so if you’re on your way to work, don’t worry, you won’t need a tissue. It focuses on a little girl called Bridget who goes to bed on Christmas Eve while her dad sets up a trampoline out back in the cold. Once the family are all settled inside, an array of feral creatures descend onto the present, but instead of trashing it like most urban London animals would do, they simply have a good ol’ bounce instead, much to the annoyance of Buster the boxer dog trapped inside the house.

But on Christmas Day, Buster rushes in front of the young girl and finally gets to bounce. And no, it doesn’t die or get put down. No sadness! SCORE!

Obviously this is all complex CGI, they didn’t cruelly teach the dog how to use the trampoline. But, impressively, the CGI is so complex that the John Lewis team actually worked out how the animals would bounce and how far. Now that’s some physics we can get on board with.

The video is set to a cover version of the song ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, recorded by British band Vaults in Abbey Road Studios with a 70 piece choir and 66 piece orchestra, and has partnered with the Wildlife Trust as its charity of choice, which helps teach children about the wonders of the natural world.

You’ll also be able to buy teddies of the various animal in store and online, so if your child (or you) wants one, you might want to move fast, because those penguins were on eBay in a heartbeat the other year.