Watch James Corden get destroyed by Usain Bolt in this epic rap battle

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Chris Sayer

If ever there was proof that “pick your battles wisely” was a mantra to live by, this is it.

In the red corner of America’s The Late Late Show and preparing to cut his opponent down to size in an epic rap battle, we have Usain Bolt, the greatest and most compelling athlete on the planet. A man with more gold around his neck than a clone army of Lil’ Waynes. A guy from a country with an immensely proud musical heritage. A dude that can rightfully claim to be faster than any other human being that ever lived. A bloke who just happens to be the coolest man to ever set foot on a race track.

In the blue corner, that fella who sings in the Sainsbury’s christmas ad. 

Alright, we’re doing Corden a bit of a disservice there (he does those ones too), but the odds were always going in favour of one man, weren’t they. Watch Usain Bolt tear strips off James Corden in the video above, filmed as part of Corden’s regular chat show skit Drop The Mic, and do your very best not to have the masterful lyric “I can’t believe you entered this battle to be a winner, you only can outrun me if someone yells ‘dinner’” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 




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