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Walkie Talkies

Shoes made from phones (or is it phones made from shoes?)

Walkie Talkies

Ladies and gents, we have reached the end of the internet.

Why? Because O2 have created “Walkie Talkies” phone built into shoes, to show off what can be done when people recycle their old phones.

The new handsets were created by designer Sean Miles and include iconic footwear such as a Christian Louboutin heel, a classic men’s brogue, a Nike Air trainer and a Hunter Welly.

All contain old Nokia and LG handsets sent in by O2 Recycle customers who no longer have a use for them. The aim is to highlight what can be done with old handsets, rather than being sent to landfill.

Currently, there are 70 million mobiles in the UK and 30 million new handsets are bought annually. The Walkie Talkies are “upcycled” by combining recycled handsets and vintage shoes to create fully functional phones that double as pieces of desirable art. Each Walkie Talkie performs exactly as a normal phone would with the keypad incorporated into the sole of each shoe.

O2 Recycle pay up to £260 to those who recycle their gadgets.