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Virgin Australia's Twitter account just slammed Kanye West

Well played, Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia's Twitter account just slammed Kanye West

brandter - noun. 1. when the marketing "voice" of a brand personifies the brand itself, exchange remarks in an attempt at good-humoured, usual inspiring a small amount of sick to arrive in the mouth of anyone unfortunate enough to read it

However, in the hands of the Australian branch of Virgin Airways, brandter takes on a whole new meaning.

Seemingly having grown tired with Kanye West's recent antics (he wasn't best pleased with Pitchfork giving The Life of Pablo nine out of 10), the @VirginAustralia account voiced its personal take on the outspoken rapper with refreshing Australian wit.

EAD = Eat a dick, for those of you not up to scratch on your web acronyms. 

The tweet was shortly deleted before an apology was issued.

Did a brand manager accidentally send a tweet meant for their personal account from Virgin's official account? Or is the brandter voice adopted by the Virgin Australia team the one we all long brand managers would really use?

Either way, someone probably won't be going into work tomorrow morning. 

(Image: Rex)

[Via: Mashable]