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Those kids from the viral BBC interview have got their own TV show

Marion & James are hitting the small screen (again)

Those kids from the viral BBC interview have got their own TV show
25 April 2017

One of the greatest videos to ever exist is that one, you know the one, the one with the kids doing silly things behind their dad’s head as he’s being interviewed on BBC news. It’s a masterwork of comedy gold, and it’s all entirely natural and spontaneous – you couldn’t write it any better.

If, for some reason you haven’t yet seen it – here you go:

Amazing, wicked, great. I love it. Anyway, off the back of their performance not only on the video, but at a subsequent press conference…

...the two kids have gone and got themselves their very own TV show.

Legendary 4-year-old Marion and her 8-month-old brother James (also legendary) have nabbed an animated adventure series all about the two of them and the scrapes they manage to get involved in (what are they like etc).

A production company called Hans House have created a web-only show called The Adventures of Mina and Jack, which stars the whole family. As it’s only inspired by the family, the names have all been changed and lovely, high-pitched American accents have been added – but the base team is there. Although dad Robert and mum Jung-a Kim are more supporting characters. As they were in the original video, really.

They’ve only put out one episode so far – in which the two kids follow their dad to North Africa to catch a gold thief, obviously – but there are more planned. It’s only three minutes long, and it’s aimed squarely at kids, but you can watch it below if you want. Maybe you’re a kid – I don’t know, I can’t see through the internet, mate.

Anyway, here it is:

Robert Kelly has even given it his seal of approval too, which is lovely:

(Image: YouTube)