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VIDEO: Dogs Bark Imperial March Tune

A canine chorus indeed

VIDEO: Dogs Bark Imperial March Tune

Not only is the Superbowl a big deal in the sporting world, it is one of the biggest days in the advertising industry. All those people watching on TV, all those potential..., yes, yes, we know you get it.

So, unveiling the best ad on Superbowl Sunday (this year on 5 February) is something of a competitive and secretive business. Hence this ace little teaser ad from Volkswagen.

It shows 12 dogs barking the Star Wars Imperial March tune – our favourite bit being (at 36 seconds) when the cute canine channels the spirit of Chewie. Nice touch.

What it all means of course is anyone’s guess. But we’ll be tuning in in two weeks to see the full commercial.

(Image: YouTube)