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VIDEO: Creepy dust storm hits Texas

There will be sneezing

VIDEO: Creepy dust storm hits Texas
Danielle de Wolfe
18 October 2011

Ever wanted your life to be more like a movie? To be in a moment that millions of cinemagoers would legitimately enjoy on screen?

We suspect you've hoped this would involve sharing a bed with Megan Fox and/or taking down an entire alien race with your bare hands. Probably not looking up to see a massive dust storm about to sweep you away.

In Lubbock, Texas, this is exactly what happened to suitably surprised locals on Monday. The sinister cloud took on power lines, grounded planes and a hangar roof as it moved through the area. Winds ranged from 58 to 72 miles per hour while on-lookers faced off against an 8,000 foot high cloud that turned day to night within seconds. It was the result of one of the state's worst droughts.

Rumours of ghostly mariners appearing through the mist are unconfirmed, as we just started them ourselves.

(Image: YouTube)