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VIDEO: Balotelli struggles with bib

Epic battle between man and clothing

VIDEO: Balotelli struggles with bib
18 March 2011

It's one of life's greatest and most embarrassing conflicts. Underneath the disabling shroud of clothing, which hole is for the head and which hole is for the arm?

It's troubled us many a time, perhaps mostly when we're a little inebriated, but nothing can rival this harrowing situation that Mario Balotelli faced last night.

Warming up, the Man City striker attempts to put a bib on. A simple task, right? Apparently not as it takes him an unbelievable amount of time to work out where everything is supposed to go. Luckily a bib consultant is on-hand...

But that's not the end of it. To witness the twists and turns for yourself, take a look at this video. The bib trauma clearly got the better of him as he was sent off later in the match, leading his team to lose 1-0 to Dynamo Kiev and then see themselves knocked out of the Europa League.

We're blaming that pesky bib...