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Versace's Bold Spring Trainer Collection

Versace's Bold Spring Trainer Collection

Versace's Bold Spring Trainer Collection

What's the most expensive pair of shoes you've ever bought? Fifty quid on some rugged hiking boots? Close to £100 on some pro-endorsed football boots that were going to improve your free kicks by a factor of 10? Whatever the damage, we doubt you've spent anywhere near what Versace is asking for their latest bold line of luxury sneakers. 

Aimed squarely at those looking to stand out from the ankle down, the new Palazzo range for spring/summer 2015 is awash with luxury leathers and dusted gold finishes. A Medusa plaque adorns both iterations of the designer's luxurious take on the high-top; one fastened by an elasticated forefoot tab, laces and ankle fastening, the other with a wide elasticated upper.

The elasticated lace-up comes in black or white leather, sporting golden hardware and a leather-lined padded interior - an insane description that could readily be applied to the interior of a supercar. They're a little cheaper though, both finishes available for £710. 

The all-elasticated model is available in a studded or laminated finish, depending on just how much gold you want on your soft nappa leather. The gold tone finish fetches £730, while the studded version is an unlikely £1,190.

You can splash out these designer looks on Versace's UK site - but if you're really wanting to make an impression, you might want to wait for these multi-coloured numbers to drop later in the year.

(Images: Versace)