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Absolute baller 14-year-old gives chocolates to all 537 girls in his school for Valentine's

This guy. This guy. We should all be this guy

Absolute baller 14-year-old gives chocolates to all 537 girls in his school for Valentine's
16 February 2017

What did you do for a Valentine’s Day for your beloved? A last minute card and bunch of flowers from the petrol station? Thought so. Well, you need to up your game because there’s a new guy in town.

A Utah teen gifted every single girl in his school a chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day as a reminder that they are “special and unique”.

14-year-old Tryston Brown came up with the idea a few weeks ago, following “numerous conversations” with his mother Anissa about what a difficult time high school can be for girls, with the likes of unrealistic body expectations often promoted on social media – Tryston himself has struggled with depression and had been reading about mental health and teen suicide, with his mother telling ABC News that "He's just very attuned to that emotion."

He then decided on his plan of action. After enquiring with the principal’s office at his school Rocky Mountain Jr. High, in West Haven, as to the number of girls enrolled at the school, "He came home and said, 'I want to buy 537 chocolates,'" Brown said, adding  "Every girl deserves to feel special on Valentine's."

His mother then decided to help out, approaching a Hershey distribution factory in the nearby town of Ogden about purchasing chocolates in bulk. After telling the company about Tryston’s plans, they gave them the chocolates for free.

The night before, Tryston stayed up until 2am to prepare the goodies. "He couldn't sleep," Brown said. "It was like Christmas morning for him."

On Valentine’s morning, he spent the first period of classes handing out the chocolates, with the help of school aides, saying, "It makes me happy to see you guys smiling."

High School Principal Nicole Meibos told ABC, "Every girl’s face lit up as they received their valentine chocolate from him. I can’t tell you how amazing it was for these young ladies. They’re at such a vulnerable age right now."

Meibos even described how she had received an email from a mother whose daughter had been dreading Valentine’s Day, because she "didn't want to feel bad" if she didn't get anything. The mother wrote, "I'm in tears… He doesn't realise the impact he's made on my daughter."

Tryston is hoping that his actions inspire others to perform similarly kind acts, saying "It means the world to me to know I'm doing the right thing."

There’s a lesson to you guys: be more like Tryston.

(Image: KUTV)