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US university student buys worst fake ID ever

US university student buys worst fake ID ever

US university student buys worst fake ID ever
Danielle de Wolfe
10 December 2015

Buying a fake ID in the US is as normal as buying an AR-15 rifle and large bag of Doritos - practically a rite of passage at this point.

We know this because we’ve watched a lot of films. But even McLovin's effort looks legit compared to the efforts of a young college girl whose embossed sham credentials have just gone viral.

Posted by a roommate on Reddit (username 'ClownWithNoPenis' - whatever that means) under the title “maybe no one will notice", people invariably did after it turned out she'd attached the wrong photo when ordering it online.

Because here's the thing...

It's a dog.

An extremely photogenic one, it has to be said, but probably not enough to ensure this undergraduate scores enough booze for that next frat kegger party.

But maybe the Class D stands for dog? And how do we not know those are brown eyes behind that fluffy mane?

As is the cynical way of the internet, some were quick to call the fake a 'fake' - and so far we've every faith it's the real deal - although we think the real point missed by everybody is that, somewhere, there is all too real possibility a cute canine is driving a convertible down the highways of Connecticut.

And knowing US state law, it’s probably allowed too.

[Via Facepalm/Imagr]