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US brewery forced to pull its Christmas beer over ‘randy reindeer’ labels

This beer is definitely NSFW

US brewery forced to pull its Christmas beer over ‘randy reindeer’ labels
Holly Pyne
10 December 2019

We all love a Christmas-themed drink, but it seems a US Brewery has got itself into some hot water thanks to the packaging on its festive offering - the Christmas Cookie ale.

While the name may sound wholesome, the cream ale’s labels actually featured cartoon reindeer in various sexual positions.

US brewery forced to pull beer because of the ‘randy reindeer’ labels

The 7.5% ABV Winter Ale was created by North Carolina-based Sycamore Brewing who seemed to have hoped the beer could go under the radar.

Unfortunately, they weren’t quite so lucky, as according to The Drinks Business, an anonymous complainant tipped off the local Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission about the less than family-friendly packaging.

The Brewery has since covered up the smutty labels with “last year’s G-rated can art”. Though the brewery has found a small way around as the new packaging can be peeled off to reveal the original artwork.

If you’re hoping to get a can of your own, you’re a little late to the party. The remaining 1,900 cans were sold at a festive pop-up at the weekend.

Main image: Jens Mahnke/Pexels