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Urban photographer of the year

Urban photographer of the year

Urban photographer of the year

Urban - a byword for all things metropolitan and concrete, crowded and gritty. Like McDonald's.

CBRE’s annual Urban Photographer of the Year competition looks to celebrate those photographers who have captured urban life in its natural state - no trickery, no overly artistic lens flare, but pure, storytelling pictures.

British photographer Mark French beating over 12,500 entries from around the globe to claim first place with his image titled ‘Looking good at work’, snapping the moment a Hong Kong commuter took a less than subtle moment to inspect his appearance.

The competition required entrants to submit the time their photo was taken, so as to build up a 24 hour picture of the world's urban locations. As well as awarding prizes for first, second and third, awards were given to the best photograph of each individual hour. You can see the top three and our favourite hours in the gallery below.

(Images: CBRE)

Looking good at work

Photographer: Mark French, UK

Location: Hong Kong

Fly's eyes

Photographer: Glenn Surtees, UK

Location: Singapore

Life for life

Photographer: Rui Pedro Moura Barbosa Dias, Portugal

Location: Portugal

Break on piazza Navona (4am)

Photographer: Tatiana Volobueva, Russia

Location: Rome

Chickens are transported to market (8am)

Photographer: Peter Graney, New Zealand

Location: Cambodia

Vertical (3pm)

Photographer: David Candlish, UK

Location: UK

17h in Bucharest (5pm)

Photographer:Corneliu Cazacu, Germany

Location: Bucharest

Nocturnal (7pm)

Photographer: Jeff Lombardo, USA

Location: Las Vegas

Pachinko (8pm)

Photographer: Linda Rahmat, Hong Kong

Location: Tokyo

Waiting for a train (10pm)

Photographer: András Harsányi, Hungary

Location: Hungary