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The 'University Challenge' winners threw a big, sloppy pie at The Daily Mail over Twitter

"I have nothing to say to the fascist rag which employs you"

The 'University Challenge' winners threw a big, sloppy pie at The Daily Mail over Twitter
11 April 2017

It was the University Challenge final last night, and it was explosive. Truly, truly explosive.

Only joking, I thought it was boring – University Challenge isn’t my bag, so I didn’t even finish it. I only really watch it for the haircuts, because I don’t know any of the answers – there’s no trance in the music round, the film stuff is all about black and white movies (don’t even know what they are) and the science stuff isn’t ever about cats or anything. I watch it for the haircuts and the Monkmans.

But hey, it’s very popular, so no shade towards all you big nerds that like it. Anyway, Balliol won over Wolfson, whatever that means, and so they’re currently the toast of the town – news outlets are scrambling over each other to interview them. One “news” outlet is The Daily Mail, and a poor reporter from there tried to sort something out with the team. Unfortunately, this happened:

Awkward. Very polite, but very awkward. Props to Potts and Pope for not cussing out the reporter herself, and instead directing the trajectory of the pie towards the paper itself, but still.

I bet you a tenner they all drink that sidebar of shame like the rest of us. Show me their internet history – only then will I accept their tweets. If they’ve even looked at one bikini picture, they have no legs to stand on.

Either way, congrats to Balliol – you are all very clever and I am not. I do not hold you responsible for me realising this.