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UFO hunters claim they've found a cross and temple on Mars

People. People are weird.

UFO hunters claim they've found a cross and temple on Mars

People. People are weird.

Some 225 million kilometres away, the Mars Curiosity Rover is trundling about the surface of the Martian planet, investigating rocks, soils and taking a bunch of incredible photos.

Alongside providing valuable insight into the planet's topography, these images are also giving the internet's legions of UFO hunters something to do with their Friday nights.

Take Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily. He's just got very excited about an image that French UFO hunter Christian Mace has brought to his attention.

Not much to see here, right?


"This is a very unusual find [it isn't] and probably a significant discovery [it's not] for some readers here that are religious," explains Waring.

Ready for this? Hidden in this image is something that NASA has been working hard to keep covered up - PROOF OF ALIEN LIFE ON MARS.


It's a cross!

See? That little bit of something with something else running alongside it at a perpendicular angle? A CROSS! A human religious symbol that NEVER occurs naturally where two straight lines meet!

"The cross is sitting on the other side of the rock hill," explains Waring, "so the bottom portion of it is not visible, but if the rover took the photo from the other side, I would bet big money that this is a full size cross."

Not only are alien ruins on Mars real - they also worshipped the Christian figure of Jesus of Nazareth.

But that's not all...

It's a temple!

Clear as day - a temple, collapsed into the sands of Mars.

What do you mean you can't see it?

Hang on...

See it now?

By discolouring the photo, Waring is able to identify the big find of Mace's detective work.

"Near the cross there is the ledges [sic] of a beautifully carved roof that has since caved in. It has archways carved in its top and three thin layered sections."

Beautiful. Look at the ledges. Just stunning. It's like ancient Rome.

There you have it

What was previously an incredible photo of the surface of Mars - an image that inspires wonder at the achievements of NASA and human kind in reaching out to distant worlds and beaming back images of landscapes we've never before seen - is now EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE after some guys drew some red squiggles on them and revealed the truth.

Good work Waring. If you need us, we'll be looking at some cracks in a pavement in the hope of predicting the end of the world. 

(Images: NASA)

[Via: UFO Sightings Daily]