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Good news, drunkards, Uber Eats is going 24 hours

This is very pleasing news

Good news, drunkards, Uber Eats is going 24 hours
30 August 2018

What is annoying is this: not being able to get some bastard food in the middle of the night because everywhere is closed. That is what is annoying. You’ve had a bit of a night out, and the next logical step is to have a bit of a kebab. Or a bit of a pizza. Or a bit of anything edible, just anything to make you feel better

Sometimes though, everywhere is closed, particularly if it’s stupid o’clock, which it often is when you’re dying for some sustenance. But hey! All those worries will be a thing of the past come August 31, as Uber Eats is going 24 hours, baby. Seven days a week. That means you can get food whenever you like.

Uber Eats said they made the decision to extend the opening hours because they noticed an increase of 385% in orders between 12am-4am over the past few months. The UK General Manager, Toussaint Wattinne, said:

“At Uber Eats we want to offer our customers food delivery whenever it suits them, whether that’s breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning or a late night burger after a night on the town.

“From the classic British late-night-staples such as kebabs or fried chicken, to a decadent grilled steak or a household favourite like McDonald’s, we’re thrilled to be satisfying Londoners’ late night hunger pangs with our new 24/7 service.”

They’ll be partnering with over 200 restaurants, including McDonald’s, Wok to Walk, VQ, Subway, Tinseltown and Maroush - that’s a lorra choice, right there. Wonder if the booze-delivery services will be open, too? FINGERS WELL AND TRULY CROSSED, EH?

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