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Sikh professor is subject to constant racist abuse on Twitter, so his mum steps in heroically

Don't mess with mothers

Sikh professor is subject to constant racist abuse on Twitter, so his mum steps in heroically

Simran Jeet Singh is a 33-year-old professor of religion at Trinity University and Senior Religion Fellow for the Sikh Coalition, a civil rights organisation which is based in New York City.

He is, unsurprisingly given his position, a practicing Sikh and, according to his website’s biography: “An award-winning educator, writer, activist, and scholar who believes deeply that love, equity, and justice are closely intertwined.”

Hard to argue with a noble mission statement like that, surely? Well friends, you reckon without the cesspit of hate that is Twitter, where, like so many others, he is regularly subjected to racist abuse. It’s so common that many people just accept it as a part of life.

However, recently, his mother Parvinder Kaur decided to join Twitter and discovered what her son had to put up with.

Singh told BuzzFeed: “I asked her why she started a new account, and she said she felt like not many people were on Facebook anymore, and that a lot of the stuff she wanted to follow — like political news and justice work — was more accessible on Twitter.”

Upon seeing the abuse that Singh was subjected to, she passed on a message to him, which he relayed to his followers:

Absolutely classic.

Singh is originally from San Antonio, and explained: “My mom’s always had a good sense of humour about this kind of stuff — and she passed that down to my brothers and me.”

His followers were on board:

And what about a picture of the great woman? Well, here you go.

She’s even cooler than we thought.

Oh, and before you go, Singh also has an excellent sign off on his Twitter bio: “Everyone needs a Sikh friend. I’m happy to be yours.”

Count us in, mate.

(Image: NBC)