Loads of people are praising this guy on Twitter for explaining to men what sexual harassment feels like

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Harvey Day
Loads of people are praising this guy on Twitter for explaining to men what  sexual harassment feels like

With Judge Kavanaugh taking up his place on the US Supreme Court despite allegations of sexual abuse, Twitter has been thinking a lot about why women are so rarely believed. One writer has put things in terms men might find helpful

It’s been a little over a year since two female reporters at the New York Times published their first story exposing the shocking sexual harassment and abuse of Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein. The story – and many more like it – sparked a #MeToo revolution as women and men shared their own accounts of sexual abuse, leading to many high-profile figures losing their jobs.

But if you thought we’d actually see some serious changes, with alleged abusers being held to account for their actions, then I’m afraid you’ll have to think again.

Just days ago, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the US Senate to take up a life-time seat on the influential Supreme Court, despite serious accusations from multiple women of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Chief among his accusers was Dr Christine Blasey Ford, who testified before the Senate and millions of viewers around the world about her harrowing experience of sexual abuse and said she was 100% certain it was Kavanaugh who attempted to rape her at a party in high school.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation sparked a fresh tidal wave of anger about how women are so rarely believed – especially by men.

So once you’ve listened to Ford’s painful testimony and you’ve read up on how to be a better ally to women and, you know, just listened to women in your life about how harassment has affected their lives, check out this viral Twitter thread from US author A.R. Moxon (@JuliusGoat) who tried to explain to men how harassment feels in terms blokes might understand.

“Imagine if one day you got kicked in the nuts, really hard, on purpose,” he writes. “You doubled over. Felt the pain. Nearly passed out. Nearly puked. Then you got kicked again. And again.”

It’s a long old thread – but we promise you it’s worth a good and proper read:

Plenty of people praised the author for putting down his thoughts on sexual harassment - including feminist writer Caitlin Moran, who said: “This thread is yet more sterling work done by one of millions of good men who understand how scary it is to be a woman right now.”

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