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Twitter has been explaining movies in the style of Donald Trump

The Donald gets trolled again. The best tweets so far explaining movies in the style of Trump

Twitter has been explaining movies in the style of Donald Trump

"The Donald" might be trying to backtrack and apologise for his biggest gaffes, but Twitter never forgets.

Its latest genius attempt to ridicule America's most easily ridiculed presidential candidate is the #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots hashtag - turning cinema's greatest works into full on "Trumpisms" by re-telling their plots the incomparable verbal style of the man himself.

He has a way with words, after all. Great guy. Gets things done. End of story.

Here's a selection of the best so far.

Speaking up for Back to the Future bully Biff

Nailing Star Wars

And a galaxy far, far away's greatest villain

Reliving his big Hollywood moment

It's a wonderful life when you're filthy rich

Lord of the Rings? Lord of losers more like

Taking a hard stance on the illegal alien problem

Something about this sounds familiar

Krypton's last son is nothing compared to Super Donald

A titanic problem with Leo's name

The Donald's day off

Just buy a bigger boat

Making America magic again

Franken-Trump Lives

Donald on dinosaurs

Cutting straight to the point

Donald's fishy tale

Here's the truth, America

Simba's nothing but a lying king people

A monster problem for business

Getting mad as hell