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This brilliantly-reviewed new comedy could be one of 2018's standout movies

The trailer looks really interesting

This brilliantly-reviewed new comedy could be one of 2018's standout movies
12 March 2018

We’re only a few months into the year and we’ve already had a really strong crop of genuinely watchable movies: The Shape of Water, Black Panther, Annihilation.

And there’s another smaller, indie movie that’s already getting some positive reviews. It’s called Sorry to Bother You and it’s the first movie from American rapper Boots Riley.

The movie is a weird blend of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy – plus it has an incredible cast. Lakeith Stanfield (from Get Out and Atlanta) plays Cassius Green, a telemarketer who realises he has the power to speak with a ‘white voice’ (played by Arrested Development’s hilarious David Cross).

The film follows Cassius’ rise up the company’s corporate ladder, where he meets the coke-snorting CEO Steve Lift (Call My by Your Name’s Armie Hammer), and into a bizarre, macabre universe.

Sorry to Bother You will more than likely draw comparisons to the movie of 2017, Get Out, because both unflinchingly tackle issues of race, class and identity in a twisted, funny way.

Also in the cast are Tessa Thompson, Patton Oswalt, Steven Yeun, Terry Crews, David Cross and Danny Glover.

After the trailer was put up on Twitter, people shared just how excited they are to see the film:

And, with a score of 70 on Metacritic, it’s already getting some glowing reviews.

Ben Pearson for /Film said: “Fanciful, disturbing, and wildly original, Sorry to Bother You announces the arrival of a fresh, bold voice in American cinema. If something this strange and interesting is our first taste of Boots Riley’s capabilities, sign me up for whatever he does next, regardless of how weird it may seem.”

New York Magazine’s Emily Yoshida added: “This is ultraprogressive, radical storytelling that manages to stay totally joyful and inventive throughout. Riley manages to both never come off as taking the thing too seriously, but he also verbalizes his intersectional, anti-capitalist ideals in visually unforgettable fashion.

“Riley’s debut stays human no matter how far off the deep end it goes. If anything, it suggests that to be human is to go off the deep end.”

Sorry to Bother You will be released on 6 July in the US and is expected to come out in the UK later this year. 

(Image: Significant Productions / Cinereach / MACRO)