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The internet is freaking out at these incredible - but fake - trypophobia pictures

Are you prepared for this?

The internet is freaking out at these incredible - but fake - trypophobia pictures
11 September 2017

Honestly, when I went to see The Mask I thought to myself: “It is impossible for make-up to ever get any better than this. Jim Carrey has an entirely green face and is unspeakably hilarious to boot. How can the craft ever elevate itself above this?”

Well, it turns out that the art of make-up has – somehow – moved on from that summer afternoon in the cinema and now they can do some truly crazy things, including massively freaking out people who suffer from trypophobia – a fear of clusters of bumps or holes.

The incredible pictures below are the work of 24-year-old Texan Bridgette Trevino. Incredibly, she is a self-taught amateur, but after her post was shared more than 60,000 times on Facebook, we reckon she might start getting some job offers in; and possibly, despite her warnings, some medical bills from people who’ve had a heart attack after seeing them.

Prepare yourselves...

Oh, and there’s a video too (scroll to 0:31 for the juicy bit).

Despite some complaints by people who’ve unexpectedly seen a bloody hand filled with holes pop up on their timeline she said:

"I've had a lot of reactions, some good and some bad. People have gone as far as reporting my work and have sent me messages of concern to check I hadn't seriously hurt myself. I've even had threats to try to make me take down the video and pictures. I understand that trypophobia is a real thing, although only a small population actually has this. A lot of people have claimed to have had panic attacks because of my work. I sympathise but it also only encourages me more. If it's not scary or doesn't get that response I'm not doing my job properly."

Trypophobia isn't actually recognised by the American Psychiatric Association, but it is believed to affect around 20% of the population, causing sufferers to experience panic attacks and nausea. Even if you’re too busy vomiting to say it though, you have to admit that’s some pretty amazing makeup skill on display.

You can head to Bridgette’s Facebook page to check out even more frighteningly realistic work.

(Images: Bridgette Trevino)