Trump just tried to use Disney's Frozen to defend his controversial tweet


That's a headline. That's a headline that is true, and can be recorded in history, and is fact.

So the question is, how? How did Trump try to use Disney's Frozen to defend a controversial tweet? We'll show you. 

Let's start at the beginning. Two days ago, Trump tweeted a picture that branded Hillary Clinton the "most corrupt candidate" alongside a red star reminiscent of the Jewish Star of David. Worst still, the graphic originally appeared on an internet forum full of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and neo-Nazi ideology.

Trump has since denied that the tweet was antisemitic, claiming the star was actually a "Sheriff's Star", although the image has since been deleted from his account.

And that's where we were. Until today. 

Today, Trump used #Frozen to conclusively prove his innocence in the entire matter. 

Which. Well. We don't really have to explain what's wrong with that, do we? 

Thankfully, Hillary Clinton replied with what is possibly the greatest comeback ever (but is still a presidential candidate bickering with another presidential candidate over social media, so, you know, the future is doomed either way). 

Reindeers really are better than people, aren't they?