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They grow up so quickly: The #TrumpBaby is heading to America

He's going on tour!

They grow up so quickly: The #TrumpBaby is heading to America
16 July 2018

London did itself proud with its protests over the weekend against the visit of US President Donald Trump, with an estimated 250,000 people coming out on Friday to voice their disapproval.

Protests on the day were kicked off by the appearance of the much-discussed ‘Trump Baby’, a six metre high inflatable of the president mocked up as a nappy-wearing toddler holding a mobile phone, which was ‘flown’ in Parliament Square on Friday morning.

We say ‘flown’ but, despite receiving clearance from London’s mayor Sadiq Khan, it barely made it above small tree level and could probably have been replicated by a large kite, despite the fact that it was crowdfunded to the tune of £16,000.

Nonetheless, it had the desired impact, with Trump being made aware of its existence and admitting that it made him feel “unwelcome”.

It was later seen in Edinburgh the following day, drawing crowds as Trump played golf on the opposite coast of Scotland, Turnberry, in Ayrshire.

Now, having developed a taste for travel, it looks set to be on the move again, as a GoFundMe page set up to take it to the other side of the Atlantic has raised more than $6,000.

Activist Didier Jimenez-Castro of Hillsborough, New Jersey is behind the new campaign, writing on the fundraising page:

“I got together with local organisers and we agreed we need to bring Baby Trump to Bedminster where he plays golf… I contacted the manufacturer and now we are raising money to have one shipped to us. During an interviewed he mention he does not feel welcome with the Baby Trump in display and we need to get under his skin as much as we can.

He told Courier News: “Within 22 hours, we reached our goal. I contacted the manufacturer again and we will have our balloon by mid-August.”

But that’s not all, as other US states are seemingly joining in the fun, with groups is Texas, Missouri, Maryland and New Mexico all fundraising to buy their own Trump Baby Blimps. 

If all goes to plan there’ll be a whole, screaming brood of them looming over Trump everywhere he goes. It’ll be just like The Prisoner (ask your grandad, kids).

Never mind Trump’s Brexit discussions with Theresa May, it looks like we’ve finally made something that we can export to the US.

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