Trippy Minimalist Posters Of Drug Symptoms


"Draw your brain on acid."

It might sound like a round from the most hipster game of Pictionary every played, but it's actually the idea at the heart of a rather brilliant poster series of Meaghan Li.

This is your brain on drugs is the self-explanatory title of a series of illustrations created for a psychology class by the New Zealand-born graphic designer. With bold lines, sparse colours and a touch of optical trickery, the series conveys the world of psychoactive substances with a great deal more efficiency than clumsy words.

From the legal (alcohol) to the downright damaging (heroin), the series is ripe for forming the centrepiece of a hazy student flat familiar with the use of experimental substances. We imagine.

You can pick up a set of Li's prints via her website. And best keep your experience to the majority of these subjects purely in the realm of poster gazing.

(Images: Meaghan Li)

[Via: Fubiz]


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