This triple domino spiral is absolutely mesmerising

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Paddy Maddison

If ever proof was needed that some people have waaay too much spare time on their hands then surely this is it.

Self-proclaimed professional domino artist and YouTuber Hevesh5 created this incredible display over the course of eight entire days. We can only imagine and admire the patience of a woman who clearly must’ve knocked the structure over a few times whilst halfway to completion over the course of the week, and if she didn’t, well that’s even more admirable.

The three layer, multicoloured work of art is made up of 15,000 individual dominoes, each placed carefully into the sequence. You would think it would be a shame to build something this beautiful only to destroy it, but actually, the knocked-over spiral looks pretty damn good in its own right! Be sure to plug some headphones in to witness the amazing noise caused by the falling sequence. 


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